Weekly Legal News 11/03/13

Here’s the latest on legal news:

This past week, Penn State has reached settlements on 26 cases of sexual abuse by former football coach Jerry Sandusky.  The settlements will cost the school $59.7 million.  A few more settlements may still come.  After being convicted in June 2012, Sandusky is serving a 30-60 year prison sentence that he plans to appeal.  The settlements will end the civil litigation for the 26 men involved.
The Virginia Supreme Court overturned a jury verdict in a wrongful death suit against Virginia Tech.  The jury had ruled last year that the state was negligent in the death of two of the victims killed in the Virginia Tech shooting.  Yet the Virginia Supreme Court reversed this ruling, saying that the school and state security had acted appropriately, given the information they knew at the time.
Federal authorities in Georgia have agreed to investigate the death of Kendrick Johnson, a boy whose body was found ten months ago in a rolled-up mat in his high school’s gym in Georgia.  Michael Moore, US Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, claims there is sufficient evidence for a formal review of the facts and that he is willing to recommend criminal or civil rights charges if the evidence warrants them.
The Supreme Court will decide whether to hear its first case about drug-induced abortions.  The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that a state law restricting the use of a drug was unconstitutional.  They found that the law outlawed methods that are considered to be the safest and most effective forms of medicinal abortion.  There is some speculation that if the Supreme Court decides to take the case, it is because some of the justices disagree with the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s ruling and plan on overturning it.