About WCLS

The Williams College Law Society was founded on Sunday, January 2, 2011 by Dan Zhao and Emanuel McMiller on a Peter Pan Bus as they returned to Williams from New York City. Their goal was to create an organization that would bring together students interested in law in order to provide a support system and an avenue for them to express their interest in the law.

The Society seeks to promote a familiarity and understanding of the law and the legal profession among students. Members will have an opportunity to learn about the field of law and the career options it provides, as well as understand the judicial system of the United States and the world.

The Law Society is lead by the executive board which is currently chaired by President James R. Sawyers.

The purpose of the Law Society is:

  • to bring together Williams students who have a common interest in law;
  • to provide them career assistance and an avenue to express their interest the law
  • to connect members to various pre-law and legal resources on and off campus;
  • to promote the understanding of the legal profession and the American judicial system at large;
  • to identify and resolve the bias and contemporary problems in our legal system;
  • and to provide programs and activities dealing with or related to the field of law.

We consider the following to be our main areas of focus:

  • Competitive Excellence-From Mock Trial to Moot Court, we strive to train our law teams to representing the Law Society and Williams College at both the regional and national level.
  • Leadership Development-We believe that through our system of organization, we are providing not only a strong pipeline to professional and educational opportunities, but also a method of training future leaders in the workplace in a variety of areas. Law Society strives to provide real leadership experience that could be applicable to other clubs, organizations, and the outside world in a variety of fields.
  • Professional Development-We strive to provide our members and students at large with the resources and the tools to seek a career and education in the legal field, as well as the motivation to uphold and strengthen the legal system.
  • Networking & Involvement-We connect students with alumni, faculty, and legal professionals in order to enhance our members’ professional development and provide for the Society’s sustained growth and development.
  • Law Journal-A prestigious and diverse law journal can help grow the stature of the Society and the College by making us a leader and facilitator in conversations regarding law and justice.
  • Event Facilitation-We provide and coordinate events to give students a window into the field of law, as well as to identify and further understand bias and contemporary problems in our judicial system.

If you have any ideas, comments, questions, or suggestions, for the Society, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you would like to join the Law Society, click here.