Alumni Involvement

There are many ways in which you can become involved with and/or support the Law Society as an alum. If you would like to become involved, contact us. A few examples of alumni involvement include

  • Luncheon discussions with the Law Society when visiting campus
  • Speaking to the Law Society about your legal experiences or areas of expertise
  • Leading a discussion regarding relevant legal or law-related topics
  • Being featured in an interview or an alum profile for the Law Journal
  • Volunteering time to serve as a coach or judge for our Law Teams (mock trial, moot court, mediation), or witnessing a practice session to provide meaningful feedback and critique
  • Volunteering for our mentorship program that connects students with alumni
  • Informing the Society about various pre-law or law-related opportunities
  • Informing the Society of any regional alumni law-related networking opportunities
  • Signing up for a law journal subscription
  • Joining the listserv to receive Law Society updates, and the most recent digital editions of the Law Journal
  • Supporting us in any other fashion you may see fit

And the most important way to become involved is by staying connected to the Society through Facebook or our website.