Speaker Series

The Law Society Speaker Series invites professors, lawyers, judges, and law makers to speak before the organization, and seeks to allow students to explore different aspects of law through conversating with and listening to these speakers.

Previous speakers and topics have included

  • Psychology Professor Saul Kassin: Interrogations & forced confessions
  • Legal Studies Professor Cheryl Shanks: International Law
  • Career Counselor Dawn Dellea: Law School Admissions Process
  • History Professor Scott Wong: Asian-American Immigration, Immigration Law, and Civil Rights
  • Robert Kraus’79: Experience as a General Counsel & Venture Capitalist
  • Prosecutor Kelly Kemp: Berkshire District Attorney’s Office
  • Hal Sprague’79: Experience as an environmental lawyer with the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Attorney Dave Chenali: Assistant General Counsel for the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board
  • Erin Casey’98: Experience in dealing with war crimes on behalf of the Eritrean government as well as human trafficking related to civil and constitutional rights
  • William Bowden’66: Financial Regulation & Law as applied to econ and I-banking
  • Stephen Brown’71: Representing Guantanamo Bay detainees
  • Judge Joan McMenemy (Berkshire County Juvenile Court): Should Sexting be Illegal for Underage Teens?
  • Jack Sands’71: Experience as a sports and entertainment lawyer representing athletes and coaches in their contact negotiations and financial affairs
  • Jeff Jones’66: Counsel for Williams College
  • Pre-Law Advisor Michelle Shaw’95: The Road to Law School
  • Steven Phillips’68: Litigation involving the children of Argentine tobacco farmers born with terrible birth defects as a consequence of their parents exposures to Monsanto pesticides while growing tobacco for Philip Morris.
  • Todd Garbatini’03: Business & Banking Law, Corporate counseling and investments
  • James Art’93: Law School, Big firm vs. Small town/small firm experience
  • Anthony Giarolo’04: Berkshire District Attorney’s Office
  • Nancy McCauley (Berkshire County Juvenile Court): Probation Officer & Non-Lawyers in the Legal Field
  • Attorney William Hewig: Maritime law
  • David Caplan’92: Privacy and copyright law