What is Mediation?

Mediation is a team competition that consists of acting out three roles: Mediator, Attorney/Advocate, and Client, a simulated practicum in real-world mediation that will aid students in whatever career path they choose. The intent of the tournament is to give students a real life experience as mediator and as an attorney and client.  These competitions are designed to help undergraduate students understand the value of resolving disputes through mediation. The competitions also help students develop mediation skills so that they are better equipped at resolving both personal and professional disputes through mediation.Three students make up a team, (although there may also be one alternate per team) and each student must participate as mediator in one of three preliminary rounds. Students participating have the opportunity to receive All-American recognition. The season begins in the early fall with practices and the review of case materials, and then a National Intercollegiate Mediation Tournament in November. The InterNational Academy of Dispute Resolution sponsors the undergraduate and law school mediation tournaments, and provides mediators to train students as well as judge the rounds.

If you are interested in attending law school, participation in the tournament is a must. Learning what a mediator does and how one can become a peacemaker is an educational experience in itself and will put you just that much further ahead in law school. Being a member of the mediation team is beneficial for the following reasons.

  • It introduces students to mediation and peacemaking, which has become the primary means to resolve disputes in the United States.
  • Some of the top mediators in the nation provide one and one-half days of training so that students with little or no exposure can participate and be comfortable doing so.
  • Students get to participate as mediators in addition to playing advocate/client roles.
  • The tournaments are designed to share ideas and experiences with students from around the country.
  • Awards are given to the top ten individuals in Mediation and in Advocacy, and the top five teams in each category. The national tournament also provides All-American designations for top participants.

4th place overall team finish in Mediation at the 2014 INADR International Intercollegiate Mediation Tournament (Miaoru Guan ’17, Dolly Bai ’18, Minwei Cao ’17, Angela Chang ’17, Lucy Putnam ’18 and Peter Lugthart ’18)

1st Place Individual Advocate Client Pairs (Minwei Cao’17 and Peter Lugthart’18)

13th Place Individual Mediator (Lucy Putnam’18)

All-American recognition (Minwei Cao’17, Peter Lugthart’18, Lucy Putnam’18)

H. Case Ellis Spirit of Mediation Award for outstanding sportsmanship

Mediation Captains: Peter Lugthart’18 & Lucy Putnam’18

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