Mock Trial

What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is a competitive trial simulation. We compete with other colleges all across the nation on a realistic case involving civil or criminal charges. Each college prepares their case as if it were a real trial case in a U.S. Court by, choosing their witnesses, creating direct and cross examinations, opening statements, closing arguments, and objections. Each competition is sanctioned by The American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) with practicing judges and attorneys presiding over and scoring the competition.

Each Team of 7-10 members consists of 3 attorneys, 3 witnesses, 1-2 timekeepers, and alternate witnesses/attorneys. The attorneys for each team must abide by the rules of evidence created by AMTA (They are very similar to the Federal Rules of Evidence). Witnesses get to interpret their affidavits in conjunction with the case and create a persona that makes each witness unique.

Captains: Mason Wong ’21, Lance Ledet ’21, and Sarah Baldree ’21

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