Being a member of the Society provides opportunities to lead and to be involved, opportunities to travel and compete, networking and resources, resume building, as well as being able to take part in the many programs that we have (such as law teams, law journal, LSAT test prep, mentoring, etc.). Regardless of whether you plan to pursue a career in law or not, the Law Society is great place to get involved, meet people and make new friends, to develop skills, and have fun.

Membership in the Society is open to all registered undergraduate students of Williams College. Only active members may vote during General Meetings or join the Executive Board. In addition, members are entitled to participate in any Society sponsored activity and/or program, and have access to Law Society resources. Our meetings are generally on Wednesdays, when announced at 7pm in the Stetson Mabie Room.

  • To join the Society, simply fill out the membership application.


There are many reasons why you should become an active member of the Society, and these are just a few.

  • Invitations to talks held by visiting lawyers and legal experts
  • Exposure to law-related topics (e.g. maritime law, business, minority rights, etc.)
  • Access to LSAT Prep Program and discounts, and law school application support
  • Access to the Law Society Linkedin Group
  • Access to internship/shadowing and career exploration opportunities
  • Access to the Alumni Mentorship Program
  • Invitations to Networking Dinners
  • Updates on legal news, resources, and opportunities
  • Voting rights and Eligibility for Executive Board positions
  • Many other membership opportunities, resources, and benefits.


To be considered an active member each semester, students must demonstrate consistent attendance and involvement. There are four categories of active membership in the Society.  You must satisfy at least one of these categories to be considered a member.

  • Committee Involvement
    • Holding a position on a least one committee
    • Attending, per semester: 2 events total
  • Law Teams Involvement
  • General Attendance
    • Attending, per semester: 3 events (social, lectures, forums, etc.)
  • Executive Board Involvement
    • Executive Board members are required to attend all Board meetings, all committee meetings for which they are responsible for attending, as well as all events and General Meetings (with such exceptions as expressed in the By-Laws)