Below are some frequently asked questions potential members ask us. If you have any questions we didn’t answer, send us an email. WilliamsCollegeLawSociety@gmail.com

What is the purpose of the law society? The mission of the Law Society is 1) to bring together students with an interest in law, and network with alumni, faculty, and professionals in the field of law, 2) to help prepare students for a career or education in law (through various means such as job fairs, law school fairs, panels/speakers on different careers, internships, LSAT prep, mock trial/moot court, etc), and 3) to discuss important issues and aspects of law and justice, and the legal/judicial process, and to delve into law in a way that is interesting and applicable.

What does the law society do? The Law Society promotes discussions about various legal and social justice issues, holds forums and hosts speakers to speak about law related topics, organizes pre-law events, makes sure members are aware of various opportunities in the legal profession, publishes a law journal, and competes in legal academic competitions.

Why should I join the law society? Joining the law society gives you an opportunity to meet and network with likeminded people, build your resume, prepare for law school, participate in interesting discussions, listen to fascinating speakers and become a leader. It also allows you to express yourself, take on the role of an attorney, and network with various alumni, professors, and professionals. 

What is the law journal? The Law Journal is a publication that accepts law related essays, papers, and articles from undergraduate students across the nation. As the only law publication of the Number 1 Liberal Arts college in the United States, we hope to engage all matters and types of issues pertaining to legal subjects, including legal/social justice, policy, the making of law, the effects of law, the study of law, the careers of law, and law itself, as well as educate undergraduate students about careers, educations, or experiences in the legal field.

What is the difference between mock trial and moot court? Moot Court is an appellate competition where students argue before an appeals or supreme court. Mock Trial is a trial competition where students either act as attorneys or witness for the prosecution or defense in front of a judge and jury.

What is Mediation? Mediation is a team competition that consists of acting out three roles: Mediator, Attorney/Advocate, and Client, a simulated practicum in real-world mediation that will aid students in whatever career path they choose. The intent of the tournament is to give students a real life experience as mediator and as an attorney and client.  These competitions are designed to help undergraduate students understand the value of resolving disputes through mediation.

Do I have to be a member of the law society to take part in law society activities? No. We welcome everyone to our meetings. In addition, our Law Journal accepts entries from undergraduates students no matter what university they are from, and our mock trial/moot court teams are open to any student at Williams who wants to compete.

Are there dues for membership? No. The Law Society currently does not have membership dues.