LSAT Prep Program

The Williams College Law Society works with the Pre-Law Advisor Anthony Pernell-McGee, the Career Center, and numerous LSAT prep companies to help students study and prepare for the LSAT exam. The Professional Development committee is in charge of organizing the LSAT Prep program and coordinating resources for Society members.

Campus Activities

Various LSAT prep activities on campus include the following

  • Kaplan LSAT Preview Class
  • Kaplan LSAT Practice Test
  • Velocity LSAT Q&A session
  • TestMasters LSAT Seminar
  • Law Society LSAT study sessions/Practice tests
  • Career Center Practice tests
  • Career Center LSAT events

The Society also buys test prep publications in bulk from Outside LSAT, which you can purchase from the Society at a discount.

LSAT prep Benefits for Active Law Society members include

  • 10% discount on any Kaplan LSAT test prep courses (plus discounts from any ongoing sales)
  • $100 discount on any live TestMasters LSAT test prep course
  • $50 discount on any online TestMasters LSAT test prep course
  • 50% discount on any Outside LSAT test prep publications
  • $100 discount on any Outside LSAT test prep courses
  • 10% discount on any 7Sage LSAT test prep courses
  • 10% discount on any Velocity LSAT test prep courses

Below is information regarding the various prep companies that we work with.