Academics & Law-Related Courses

Justice and Law Studies Program

JLST is not a prelaw program designed to serve the needs of those contemplating careers in law.

The courses in the program address a wide range of subjects, including theories of justice, the philosophical, moral, historical, social, and political underpinnings of law; law enforcement and other aspects of criminal justice; methods of scientific proof; theories of global justice; law and economics; psychological influences on the interpretation of evidence, trials, and decision–making; moral reasoning; cultural perspectives and non–western conflict-resolution traditions; theories on justice and war; statutory and constitutional law; international law; equality; the use of law to regulate how people interact with the natural environment and ideas of justice that are not human-centered.

Professor Alan Hirsch is the Chair of the Justice and Law Program.

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Law-Related Courses

Below is a list of Law-Related courses at Williams offered during the 2012-2013 Academic Year (which will most likely be offered again next year) organized by department. In addition, there is a list of courses during Winter Study, and a list of courses that aren’t offered for the current academic year.

You can search the entire Williams course catalog here. If there are any courses that you believe should be added to the list, send us a note.

Anthropology and Sociology


Environmental Studies


Justice and Legal Studies


Political Science


Winter Study Courses

  • ANSO 12-Children and the Courts
  • COMP 16-“Crime and Punishment”: the Novel and Its Adaptations
  • ECON 11-Public Speaking
  • ENGL 16-Theories of Justice and Community
  • JLST 13-United States Environmental Law: Its Historic Past, Its Uncertain Future
  • JLST 14-Mock Trial: Simulation of a Civil Trial
  • JLST 17-Learning Intervention for Troubled Teens (LIFTT)
  • PSCI 14-The CIA and the War on Terror: A Scalpel, not a Broadsword
  • PSCI 15-Justice and Public Policy
  • SPEC 21-Experience the Workplace: an Internship with Williams Alumni/Parents

Courses Not Offered During 2012-2013

  • Econ 229-Law and Economics
  • Econ 351-Tax Policy
  • Econ 371-Econ Justice
  • Econ 374-Poverty and Public Policy
  • ENVI 309-Environmental Policy
  • PSCI 210-Culture and Incarceration
  • SOC 218-Law and Modern Society
  • WGSS 152-The Fourteenth Amendment and the Meanings of Equality