For students interested in pursuing a career in law, internships are very important. Not only do law schools look at your background, but it also helps to have a solid work history upon graduating law school when your looking to start your career. In addition, internships provide important experience that can help you determine what field of law you would like to practice, or even if you want to go into law.

Remember to apply for these internships as soon as possible due to deadlines, and the fact that some of these internships are paid and highly competitive.

Alumni Sponsored Internship Program

Winter Study Internships

Handshake Job and Internship System

On Campus Summer Opportunities

Career Center Internship Resources

Government (Federal) Internships

Government (Environmental) Internships

Government (State & Local) Internships

Congressional Internships

Paralegal Internships

Minority/Minority Issues Internships

Public Policy Internships

Research Internships

Activism/Advocacy Internships

Other Internships

Job/Internship Search Engines