Many people are fascinated with the career of law, and want to pursue it as a profession. One of the complaints that many law school graduates have, is that they wished they would have had an opportunity earlier in life to decide whether that pursuit was the right choice. Part of the Law Society’s mission is to help students make that right choice, in deciding whether law school or a career in law is right for them, and if so, to prepare them for law school.

This page is designed to provide resources to help make your decision to go Pre-Law or not an easier one.

Pre-Law Stats at Williams

Context: Not every pre-law student chooses to share their law school plans with the Career Center, and for some graduating seniors, law school is not an attractive prospect for them right now in this legal climate.

  1. Only about (6) seniors from the Class of 2013 indicated in response to the senior survey that they were attending law school straight after Williams.
  2. Only about 3% of graduates went directly into the law/legal services industry right after graduation. Link
  3. As a general rule, the number of alumni who attend law school is greater than the number of graduating seniors going directly to law school.
  4.  For this most recent application season, the number of alumni (one or more years out) who applied to law school was about sixty five.
  5.  Williams students are high performing and generally are applying consistently to the top fifteen schools.
  6.  We usually have Duke, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, BC, Wash U., and Stanford visit campus, as well as online information sessions with UVA and Yale.

Statistics are from the Williams Career Center.

Williams College Career Center

If you have any questions regarding law school, resumes, cover letters, etc. Then the Career Center is the place to go. Below are links to various resources that Career Center has.

Other Pre-Law Resources

If you have any questions, or if you have resources that you think should be added to this list, please send us an email