Williams College Law Society

WCLSNewLogoCheck out our new Law Journal blog here! We will be posting articles each week written by undergraduate students.  If you are interested in writing for the Journal, email williamscollegelawjournal@gmail.com.

Upcoming events:

  • Check back during Winter Study for upcoming events!

What is the Williams College Law Society?

  • A student organization that brings students interested in law together, and provides a space for them to express their interest in law and involve themselves in related activities

What does the Law Society do?

  • Events: we host discussions, lectures, and alumni networking events
  • Career Exploration and LSAT prep: We have a mentorship program that connects students with a Williams alum in the legal field.  We also offer various law school and LSAT preparation through classes, books, etc.
  • Law Journal: We have an online blog with articles written primarily by Williams students on pertinent legal issues
  • Law Teams: We have 3 law teams – Mock Trial, Moot Court, and Mediation – which compete in various tournaments throughout the country

For more information, email us at williamscollegelawsociety@gmail.com or check out the rest of our website for more details!